Dissidia: Final Fantasy

While the game isn’t due in North America until Q3, Dissidia: Final Fantasy is already one of the top 5 selling games in Japan.

Playing the Japanese version was good enough to leave a lasting impression as Dissidia brings a new flavor to the Final Fantasy Franchise.  Te game is set in a world where the main protagonist and antagonist from FFI to FFX are pitted against each other in an all out battle (A total of 11 protagonist and 11 antogonist, 2 of which are secret characters from FFXI and FFXII).  Combat of the game is set as a 1v1 where the player battle for gil and exp.  One thing that differs from other Final Fantasy games is the use of real time combat.  Essentially, the game is played out like a 3D fighting game, where each battle the purpose is to get the enemy’s HP to zero by using various combos and skills in real time as opposed to turn based combat of the other FF games.


A distinct feature to the game is the use of the “EX Gauge” in its combat system.  The EX Gauge will fill by doing various tasks in combat such as attacking the opponent, taking damage, or even using items.  When the Gauge is filled, the player can enter their “EX Mode”, this essentially makes the character more powerful for a certain period of time and it allows the character to use the “EX Burst” (another fancy name for the popular “Limit Break”).


Overall, the game devilvered a new taste into the Final Fantasy franchise.  Despite the traditional RPG brand is still favoured more by fans, Dissidia is not a game to be missed out if you’re into an action-RPG game, or just a hardcore Final Fantasy fan.

Official NA Site for Dissidia

Rating: 8.5/10


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